Tencent WeSecure For Mobile

Duly certified by AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives among other independent IT-security companies, Tencent WeSecure for Mobile is an essential Android OS-based mobile security app with an array of noteworthy features and functions such as call blocking, effective virus scanning as well as the invaluable advantage of surfing the web safely. It has also been reported that this mobile security solution after undergoing evaluations on its attributes of protection, usability and further important security features by AV-TEST was one of the only three apps that had perfect 100% ratings out of 27 different mobile security apps.

Furthermore, in July 2017, AV-TEST announced in its Product Review and Certification Report that Tencent WeSecure for Mobile’s detection of both latest and known malicious software in Android OS-based devices were also perfect 100% efficiencies as against the industry average values of 98.3% and 99.6% respectively.

 Tencent WeSecure For Mobile Features

  • Tencent WeSecure for Mobile has enviable abilities to scan for, and detect threats and both new and old malicious software through its Virus Scan feature. Furthermore, such potential threats after being identified are duly removed.
  • Another endearing feature of this mobile security solution is its Phone Integral tool. This invaluable function efficiently ensures that unwanted calls are adequately blocked.
  • The Safe Browse tool of Tencent WeSecure for Mobile is a very desirable feature that ably provides assurances of safely browsing the internet without the commonplace threats of malicious content and/or phishing emails/ messages from infecting the device.
  • With this mobile security app, personal data/ information can be saved/ backed up to an array of storage devices, cloud storage inclusive.


Tencent WeSecure For Mobile Pros

  • It is on good record that Tencent WeSecure for Mobile is an efficient mobile security app that does not have any overbearing and/or debilitating effect on battery life.
  • In addition, Tencent WeSecure for Mobile is renowned and widely acclaimed to barely impact negatively on the device performance during normal usage. Its effect on system resources and performance is subtle and almost inconsequential.
  • This mobile security app also refrains from generating too much traffic during use which consequently frees up system resources for use for other processes.
  • Also, Tencent WeSecure for Mobile has been consistently revealed to not give false warnings when either legitimate apps from Google Play Store or other third party app stores are being installed and used.

 Tencent WeSecure For Mobile Cons

  • Tencent WeSecure for Mobile lacks Anti-Theft features that are capable of remotely locking and wiping off of personal information as well as locating lost devices in contrast to other mobile security apps of similar qualities.
  • The absence of Parental Control potentials to monitor the activities of children on the device is also a considerable disadvantage of this mobile security solution.

 Tencent WeSecure For Mobile System Specifications

  • Android 4.1 or later
  • 15 MB storage space or more
  • Google Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox/ Internet Explorer

 How To Install Tencent WeSecure For Mobile

  • Launch Google Play Store and Search for Tencent WeSecure
  • Select the app and tap Install
  • Tap on Accept to proceed with the installation process when the mobile security app requests for access to device and app history; phone; photos/ media/ files; Wi-Fi connection information; device ID and call information
  • Open app to select preferences after installation is complete

 How To Uninstall Tencent WeSecure For Mobile

  • From the Home Screen of your device, Go to Settings
  • Open Applications
  • Select Application Manager
  • Search for the 14.04 MB Tencent WeSecure app and select it
  • Tap Uninstall
  • Tap OK to confirm Uninstall of Tencent WeSecure for Mobile