Sophos Mobile Security

This is a very noteworthy app that is available for free download and install on Google Play Store. Besides, Sophos Mobile Security has a wide range of compelling features that make it a force to be reckoned with the realm of antivirus apps and/or security software products. It is adequately capable of protecting Android OS-based devices against the menace of malware attacks as well as enhancing web security and privacy. The AV-TEST latest Android malware detection test for Sophos Mobile Security for May 2017 indicates that the app is very reliable.

Some of the outstanding features of Sophos Mobile Security for Androids are enumerated below.

Sophos Mobile Security For Android Features

  • Well-defined protection against system viruses and other malicious software.
  • Ability to ensure adequate safeguarding of applications on the Android OS-based device.
  • Capacity to enable safe web browsing through the use of its Web-filtering feature.
  • Adequate anti-theft and recovery properties.
  • Capability of maintaining optimized battery and system-resources usage.
  • Potentiality to enhance authentication of data.

Sophos Mobile Security For Android Pros

  • Outstanding ability to ensure well-defined parental control features to moderate children’s activities on the device.
  • Efficiently improves the ability to browse the web securely and also minimizes the rates of vulnerability to malicious software attacks.
  • Adequately guarantees call-blocking and message filtering to ensure that the potentials of unwarranted calls and/or messages are reduced to the barest minimum.
  • Sophos Mobile Security notably gives assurances of locating lost/ misplaced Android OS-based devices.
  • Remarkably optimizes essential battery usage as well as the overall performance of the Android OS-based device.
  • Amply promotes seamless troubleshooting and customer care services.

Sophos Mobile Security For Android Cons

  • Inability to sufficiently guarantee backing up of data and other categories of information.
  • Frequently crashes and destabilizes system performances.

How To Install

Installing Sophos Mobile Security for Androids is a very easy process. Simply open Google Play Store; search for Sophos Mobile Security; accept the prompted requests accordingly and install forthwith.

How To Uninstall

This is also a very uncomplicated procedure. Go to device Settings; open the Application Manager; select the Sophos Mobile Security app and duly Uninstall.