Quick Heal Mobile Security

Quick Heal Mobile Security is a very popular and widely accepted mobile security solution that is endowed with a plethora of superlative features that convincingly make it a top product in the field of mobile security. With features such as Web Security, Performance Monitor, Anti-Theft as well as premium Virus Protection among others, this award-winning mobile security product is very impressive. Although its latest evaluation showed slight dips in overall efficiencies, Quick Heal Mobile Security is still trusted by many. AV-TEST’s May 2017 Product Review and Certification Report stated that while its efficiency at detecting latest Android malware in real-time was 98.2% as against the industry average value of 99.1%, its efficiency of detecting Android malware discovered in the previous 4-week duration was 99.5% which was slightly below the 99.6% industry average score.

 Quick Heal Mobile Security Features

  • Quick Heal Mobile Security’s Anti-Theft feature is a very essential tool that is duly capable of tracking, blocking and wiping off data remotely in the case of stolen and/or lost devices.
  • The Call Block and SMS Block features of Quick Heal Mobile Security is another invaluable tool that goes a long way in restricting blacklisted and/or unwanted calls and messages on your device.
  • Quick Heal Mobile Security has an effective Backup feature that reliably saves important personal information on the cloud in order to forestall the risk of data loss.
  • The Wi-Fi Monitor and Performance Monitor of Quick Heal Mobile Security are outstanding features that help in overseeing and managing the overall functioning of your device.


Quick Heal Mobile Security Pros

  • Quick Heal Mobile Security is well acclaimed to provide comprehensive reports on activities performed on the device which help to enhance comprehension and simplify troubleshooting if and when necessary.
  • This mobile security solution is very fast and reliable and also easy to use while automatically able to detect a whole array of viruses.
  • With Quick Heal Mobile Security, virus updates are regularly automated thereby improving the mobile security solution’s potentials at protection from malware in real-time.
  • Quick Heal Mobile Security has upon evaluation been declared to have inconsequential impact on battery life and device performance.
  • The antivirus scanning process is highly customizable such that it can fit seamlessly with the user’s schedule and preferences when this mobile security app is being used.

 Quick Heal Mobile Security Cons

  • As versatile as Quick Heal Mobile Security is with all its embodiment of impressive features and antivirus detection capacities, this mobile security solution is unable to detect ransomware.
  • According to the May 2017 Product Review and Certification Report by AV-TEST, Quick Heal Mobile Security scored low in the usability test as it was guilty of giving false warnings during the installation and usage of legitimate apps from Google Play Store as well as third party app stores.

  Quick Heal Mobile Security System Specifications

  • Android 4.0 or later
  • 22 MB free disk space (minimum)

 How To Install Quick Heal Mobile Security

  • Launch Google Play Store and search for Quick Heal Mobile Security
  • Select this app from the list
  • Tap Install
  • Confirm permissions and the downloading and installation begins
  • After installation is complete, open the app and register it by following the on-screen instructions and selecting personal preferences in order to activate Quick Heal Mobile Security

 How To Uninstall Quick Heal Mobile Security

  • Go to Settings and tap security
  • Select Device Administrator
  • Select Quick Heal and tap Deactivate
  • Enter Anti-Theft password when prompted
  • After deactivating Device Administrator, go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager
  • Select Quick Heal
  • Tap Uninstall and confirm the process
  • Exit to Home Screen when uninstallation is finished