Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security is a very dynamic mobile security app with a wide range of reliable and enviable features and benefits. It is widely acclaimed and incredibly trusted by most mobile security users. Besides its impressive ability to block malicious programs from infiltrating your device, this mobile security app also includes as part of its components, solid Anti-Theft tools that can greatly assist in locating lost devices, remotely wiping personal data off these devices as well as setting off of a siren-like alarm. This mobile security product can also be set up such that pictures are taken intermittently; all in a bid to locate the device.

All these positives are also buttressed by AV-TEST, which as recently as July 2017 released in its Product Review and Certification Report that Norton Mobile Security had perfect 100% efficiencies at the detection of the latest malware in both real-time as well as in the last 4 weeks.

 Norton Mobile Security Features

  • Norton Mobile Security has a very reliable call and Text blocker tool that adequately restricts the user from receiving unwanted calls and/or text messages if and when necessary.
  • The Norton Community Watch is also an important feature possessed by this mobile security app whereby its pool of volunteered information by different users is utilized in detecting threats more efficiently and generally providing robust protection to mobile device users.
  • Impressive ability to automatically scan all apps, app updates as well as all files and programs downloaded unto your device.
  • Outstanding ability to remotely geo-locate lost/ misplaced devices as well as the capacity to lock the device remotely and in extreme cases, wipe off all personal data from such devices.


Norton Mobile Security Pros

  • Norton Mobile Security is a very efficient app that runs fast and also has minimized impact on system resources during its operational/ scanning processes.
  • Additionally, this mobile security app is very easy to use with an intuitive user interface that enhances navigation.
  • Proactively scans, detects and eliminates potential mobile threats in many ramifications in order to forestall the risk of your device being infected.
  • Adequately ensures and guarantees impeccable mobile security and privacy such that unauthorized access to confidential information is minimized.
  • This mobile security’s capability of blocking unwanted/ spam messages and calls is also very advantageous.

 Norton Mobile Security Cons

  • When compared to other competitive mobile security solutions, Norton Mobile Security has insufficient backup functions to give better assurances of data/ information safety.
  • Although this mobile security app has a very simple and easy to navigate user interface, it is skeletal and too basic when compared with other apps with more features incorporated in them.

 Norton Mobile Security System Specifications

For iOS Devices

  • iOS 8.0 or later

 For Android OS Devices

  • Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Google Chrome 18 for android or later/ Mozilla Firefox for Android 37.0.2 or later/ Opera Mini 8.0 or later/ UC Browser
  • 15 MB storage space or more

 How To Install Norton Mobile Security

For iOS Devices

  • Launch App Store
  • Search for Norton Mobile Security
  • Tap on Get, then tap on Install
  • Launch Norton Mobile after installation is complete
  • Read and Accept the Norton License agreement
  • Tap on Continue
  • Sign in with your Norton account information

 For Android OS Devices

  • Launch Google Play Store
  • Search for Norton Security and Antivirus
  • Tap on Install
  • Confirm installation by tapping on Accept
  • Open the app after the installation is complete
  • Read and Accept the Norton License Agreement and Terms of Use as well as the Norton Mobile privacy Policy
  • Tap on Continue
  • Sign in to activate Norton Mobile Security

 How To Uninstall Norton Mobile Security

For iOS Devices

  • From the Home Screen, put finger and hold on the Norton Mobile icon until it vibrates
  • Press the ‘X’ icon that shows on the upper left side of the app icon
  • Tap Delete to confirm

 For Android OS Devices

  • Go to device settings
  • Disable Administrator from the security settings
  • Go back to Settings
  • Open Application Manager
  • Select Norton Mobile Security
  • Tap Uninstall
  • Confirm Uninstall by tapping OK
  • Tap OK again to exit after the uninstallation process is complete