McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security is one of the most widely recognized antivirus and security apps and/or software available today. The reasons for the popularity of this app are mostly not unconnected with its versatility, efficiency and ease of use. This mobile security app comes with an array of features and functions that more often than not keep the end users satisfied. Some of such features are duly recognized, appreciated and recommended by a lot of individuals and groups. For instance, AV-TEST released in May 2017 that McAfee Mobile security for Android’s ability to detect the latest Android malware was optimal.

McAfee Mobile Security For Android Features

  • Ability to enhance safe web browsing and also secured access to the internet.
  • Profound capacity to filter messages and/or calls and consequently block needless prompts accordingly.
  • Capability to guarantee the locating and discovery of misplaced devices through its reliable anti-theft feature.
  • Efficient at enhancing the backing up of data in order to eliminate the risk of information loss.
  • Capacity to enhance the Android OS-based device’s optimization and/or performance.
  • McAfee Mobile Security is very beneficial at safeguarding privacy through its renowned Anti-Spyware feature.


McAfee Mobile Security For Android Pros

  • Superb at identifying suspicious apps coupled with the efficient capacity of the removal of malicious software.
  • Guarantees the opportunity of backing up data and minimizing the risk of data loss.
  • Pronounced Anti-Spyware and Anti-Theft features that give assurances of privacy and locating of misplaced devices respectively.
  • McAfee Mobile Security for Android is very efficient at optimizing the device’s performance as well as battery usage.
  • Unblemished support availability in case of resolving any issues if and when they occur.
  • Extensive compatibility with all devices in order to promote flexibility and/or versatility.

McAfee Mobile Security For Android Cons

  • Un-optimized parental control features in comparison with other competitive applications.
  • Independently consumes a lot of system resources.

 How To Install

As with majority of Android OS-based apps, simply open Google Play Store, search for McAfee Mobile Security & Lock and proceed by following the on-screen instructions.

How To Uninstall

Unlike most other Android OS-based apps, McAfee Mobile Security is a bit enigmatic to uninstall. Nevertheless, log on into your device as an administrator, access the app in the Application Manager section, force stop the app and thence uninstall accordingly.