Ikarus Mobile Security

Ikarus Mobile Security is uniquely an award winning Android OS- based mobile security solution that has been duly certified by a number of IT-security evaluation companies such as AV-Comparatives, PCSL Android Security, AV-TEST as well as OPSWAT among others. Embellished with an array of fundamental features such as the superlative ability to detect and remove major malware as well as the potential of locating lost devices coupled with its effective privacy control qualities, Ikarus Mobile Security is undeniably among the principal players in the mobile security business.

According to the Product Review and Certification Report issued by AV-TEST in July 2017 for Ikarus Mobile Security, it had moderately above average results. In the protection evaluation of this mobile security app, it had a 99.9% efficiency in the detection of previously known Android malware as against the industry average of 99.6%; while it had a 99.7% efficiency in the detection of Android malware in real-time as opposed to the 98.3% industry average value.

 Ikarus Mobile Security Features

  • The Message filter feature of Ikarus Mobile Security is a very efficient tool that adequately helps to screen messages and mails from unwanted and/or spam content.
  • Ikarus Mobile Security’s Privacy Control and security Advisor components are outstanding features that go a long way in ensuring that the user’s privacy is efficiently protected; while the Security Advisor tool is useful as it suggests tips and gives advice on how to sustain mobile security.
  • In the case of misplaced/ lost devices, this mobile security’s Anti-Theft tools is very beneficial in retrieving and/or locating such devices; or in extreme cases, remotely locking the devices and wiping the data off in order to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.
  • Safe web browsing is guaranteed when using Ikarus Mobile Security by virtue of its Safe browsing tool.


Ikarus Mobile Security Pros

  • Ikarus Mobile Security is well renowned for its ability to function without having an overbearing toll on the device’s battery life. Also, its consumption of system resources is relatively minimal when compared to other mobile security products.
  • In addition to its impressive ease on battery life and system resources, Ikarus Mobile Security also functions in such a way that it does not generate much traffic thereby enhancing system optimization.
  • If and when necessary, Ikarus Mobile Security has an enviable technical support team that are very proactive and responsive to whatever issues might arise when end users utilize the product. They tend to be every efficient and accountable.
  • Ikarus Mobile Security is highly proficient at scanning for malware, identifying them and also eliminating them accordingly. This mobile security app is adept at keeping your Android OS-based device malware-free.

 Ikarus Mobile Security Cons

  • According to the July 2017 AV-TEST Product review and Certification Report, Ikarus Mobile Security unfortunately was guilty of wrongfully identifying legitimate Google Play Store apps during the installation and use as being malicious.
  • There have been a few negative reviews of Ikarus Mobile Security by users who have made complaints ranging from the app being slow as well as it not updating appropriately.
  • This mobile security app has a dearth of essential features such as parental control, call blocking and also the ability to backup personal data.

 Ikarus Mobile Security System Specifications

  • Android version 4.0 or higher
  • Essential Android OS-based web browsers

 How To Install Ikarus Mobile Security

  • Launch Google Play Store
  • Search for IKARUS mobile.security
  • Select the app and tap Install
  • The 9.79 MB app begins to download and install on your device immediately
  • After successful installation, tap Open
  • Read, confirm and check the boxes for End User License Agreement, Privacy Policy and Data Protection Declaration agreements
  • Tap Next to continue
  • Select preferences
  • Tap OK to confirm

 How To Uninstall Ikarus Mobile Security

  • From the Home Screen, go to Settings
  • Tap on Application Manager under the Applications subfield
  • Select the 35.15 MB IKARUS Mobile Security App
  • Tap Uninstall
  • Tap OK to confirm uninstallation