Hackers can take control iPhone or Android from 16 feet away

A group of researchers from French have identified, hackers can send voice command and take control over SIRI or Google now used in iOS. The two French government agencies published this security information at IEEE and demonstrated, they can send voice command using radio waves to any Android phone that has Google Now or to any iPhone that has Siri enabled. The iPhone or Android that has headphone plugged into it, the hackers can use this headphone cord as an antenna. These antenna wires transform electromagnetic waves into electrical signals that seems audio is coming from the microphone.

Without speaking verbally, the hacker can use that radio signal to command siri or Google now to send text message or call to a person stored in the contact list. They can also make command to access malware websites, send spams email using phone users’ email, Facebook, twitter etc.

With this hacking procedure, there have some limitations as explained on the experiment. This voice command only work with the microphone enabled headphone phones. By default, iPhone usually has Siri enable lock screen but the new version of Siri verifies users’ voice. So with newer iOS as like for iPhone 6S, this hacking procedure will not work.

The researchers mentioned that they have informed Apple and Google about this experiment and recommended for possible fixed. They recommend that improved defensive headphone cords can vigor the hackers to use advanced control radio signal. In this case or an electromagnetic radar, the iPhone might block the attack.