BullGuard Mobile Security

BullGuard Mobile Security is a moderately effective mobile security solution with a lot of positive acclaim. This product is endowed with an ensemble of elegant features and advantages that have continuously thrilled its end users. Making use of BullGuard Mobile Security reasonably ensures that identities and passwords are well protected, while its robust antivirus abilities are endearing to many. Notwithstanding though, a couple of negative reviews of this product certainly suggests that there is still room for improvement. In sum, BullGuard Mobile Security is still a considerably good mobile security option as evident in the results of various evaluations carried out on it by reputable IT-security organizations.

As far back as September 2014, AV-TEST stated in its product Review and Certification Report that BullGuard Mobile Security had a perfect 100% efficiency at detecting a representative set of malicious apps discovered in the previous 4-week period as against the 98.0% efficiency industry average value.

 BullGuard Mobile Security Features

  • Impressive Parental Control features which greatly assist parents in monitoring and managing the activities of their children online and also on the device.
  • BullGuard Mobile Security has suitable Anti-Theft features that increase the potentials of locating misplaced devices as well as the ability to remotely lock and wipe off personal data from such lost devices as a last resort to protect personal information from unwanted access.
  • BullGuard Mobile Security has a unique Call Manager tool that effectively ensures that both unwanted calls and messages are adequately screened.
  • With its SIM Protection tool, BullGuard Mobile Security has the capacity of triggering an automatic lock on the device in any case the SIM is tampered with.
  • Superlative virus scanning, detection and removal are important hallmarks of this mobile security product.

 BullGuard Mobile Security Pros

  • Excellent backup and restore properties which go a long way in ensuring that important personal information is well stored and secure such that the risk of data loss is maintained to the barest minimum.
  • With BullGuard Mobile Security, a single license can conveniently be used on up to 5 devices. This is very beneficial in reducing cost and simultaneously improving flexibility.
  • BullGuard Mobile Security has a very user friendly, intuitive and unambiguous interface which makes it easy to use and navigate.
  • This mobile security solution is well suited to guarantee improved device optimization due to the fact that it impacts minimally on battery life; does not slow down the device performance and also has reduced effects on the consumption of system resources.

 BullGuard Mobile Security Cons

  • BullGuard Mobile Security lacks the ability to encrypt either the device or SD-card, thereby increasing the vulnerability and/or likelihood of promoting accessibility to unauthorized persons.
  • Also, the safe browsing characteristic of BullGuard Mobile Security is not well defined, thus protection against phishing and/or malicious content is quite unreliable.

 BullGuard Mobile Security System Specifications

  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • Windows Mobile 6.0/ 6.1/ 6.5
  • Blackberry 4.2 up to 6.0

  How To Install BullGuard Mobile Security

  • Launch Google Play Store
  • Search for “bullguard”
  • Tap on Install
  • Accept the permissions in order to proceed with the installation process
  • The 8 MB file begins to download and install
  • Open the app after installation is complete in order to register it, select preferences and finally activate it

How To Uninstall BullGuard Mobile Security

  • If you enabled Anti-Theft, open BullGuard Mobile Security, enter your account password and disable Device Administrator
  • Go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager
  • Select BullGuard Mobile Security from the list of apps on the device
  • Tap Uninstall
  • Tap OK to confirm the uninstallation process
  • Exit when uninstallation is complete