Best 2020 Antivirus

There is no gainsaying the majorly incontestable fact that the flourishment, potency and unproductive consequences of computer system viruses and other similar malware has been; and is still a prominent setback on the computer software landscape. These anomalies, despite the quantum of efforts that are steadily being put in place by software programmers and developers, still pervade the computing world.

The exponentially increasing emergence, persistence and covertly-inhibiting characteristics of these computer viruses and other malicious software necessitates the significance of having reliable, durable and efficient antiviruses installed on our computer operating systems in order to militate against the wanton destructive capabilities of these malware in general.

Notwithstanding the commonplace reality and seeming complexity of these categories of malicious software, kudos must be given to the various computer software experts for continually rising to the occasion as regards combating this menace especially.

Based on an array of reputable reviews carried out by both end-users and computer software analysts alike, here are some of the best and most notable free computer system antivirus solutions for 2020. In no particular order, the under-listed computer antivirus packages are recommended for both private and public use.

1. McAfee Total Protection 2020
A multiple award-winning computer software security suite, McAfee Total Protection 2020 has been consistently among the most reliable and trendsetting products available today. Although purchasing McAfee Total Protection 2020 costs $39.99 per year, the overwhelming abundance of benefits inherent in this product remarkably overshadow its price tag.
The worth of McAfee Total Protection 2020 is reasonably justified when taking such massively efficient and inclusive features as Ticket Support, Phone Support, Tech Support, Anti-Trojan, Device Tune-up, Virus Scanning, Anti-Spam and Adware Prevention into consideration.
Besides being easy to install and use, McAfee Total Protection 2020 generated no false detection of legitimate software as threats according to recent performance tests carried out on the product by a couple of IT-Security organizations.

2. Norton Antivirus 2020
Norton Antivirus 2020 is arguably one of the most renowned products in the computer software security field. It costs between $29.99 and $54.99 per year to purchase the product depending on its category which ranges from Norton Antivirus Basic to Norton Security Premium.
The latter category is capable of providing adequate protection for up to 10 different devices with a single license.
Real-time protection against malware as well as exemplary security and safeguarding of personal and financial data are guaranteed by Norton Antivirus 2020. It also possesses dependable parental control features as well as cloud storage properties in an easy to navigate user interface.

3. ScanGuard Free Antivirus 2020
Based on the outcomes of a conglomerate series of top-notch reviews and analyses by an impressive collection of specialists in the computer programming milieu, ScanGuard Security Suite 2020 has shown numerous outstanding attributes that endear it to a wide range of customers.
With impeccable dependability, ease of use as well as an efficacious tech support system, ScanGuard Security Suite 2020 is proving to be a top player in the protection of computer operating systems from the myriad of havoc associated with malicious software.
In addition, this computer software security solution gives utmost value for money. ScanGuard Security Suite 2020 is also equipped with notable features such as Email Protection, Registry Startup Scan, Flash Drive Virus Scan, Anti-Spam and Anti-Spyware among others.

4. TotalAV Ultimate Antivirus 2020
TotalAV Ultimate Antivirus 2020 is a free antivirus and security suite that offers wholesome protection for its customers. This computer software security package, in addition to rendering free antivirus scanning to detect numerous threats and malicious software, is also duly capable of performing a whole host of noteworthy functions through the presence of the diverse features embedded in it.
For instance, TotalAV Ultimate Antivirus 2020 is armed with unique characteristics such as Manual and Auto Virus Scanning, VPN Service, Live Chat Help, Smartphone Optimizer, Adware Prevention, Device Tune-up and so on.
The reliability of this antivirus solution is well acknowledged and established. Furthermore, its ease of installation and subsequent use is spectacular.

5. PC Protect Antivirus Pro 2020
PC Protect Antivirus Pro 2020 is an all-encompassing computer software security solution with a number of formidable features and advantages. This product is adept at safeguarding personal data through its splendid ability to encrypt browsing information and customer details thereby greatly minimizing the menace of identity theft.
PC Protect Antivirus Pro 2020 also adequately offers constructive tech support to its teeming consumers through its first-rate customer service platform. Value for money is also guaranteed with the use of PC Protect Antivirus Pro 2020 .
In addition, the installation, setting up and use of this computer security software solution is a cinch by virtue of its unambiguous orientation and user-interface.