Avast Mobile Security

A considerably efficient antivirus/ antimalware and overall mobile security solution, Avast Mobile Security is well among the most popular mobile security apps with an equal reputation of being able to meet the almost unending demands of the end users of this product. Girdled with a ubiquitous assemblage of indispensable features like Call Blocking, anti-Theft, Web Security and Wi-Fi Security, Avast Mobile Security is appreciably a force to reckon with in the scheme of things with respect to mobile security.

The July 2017 AV-TEST Product Review and Certification report asserted that Avast Mobile Security had efficiencies above the industry average benchmark values. The efficiency of its detection of malware in real-time was put as 99.8% in contrast to the industry average figure of 98.3%; while its ability to detect known malware was recorded as 99.9% as against the industry average of 99.6%.

 Avast Mobile Security Features

  • The Avast Wi-Fi Finder is an encouraging feature that goes a long way in ensuring that the fastest and most secure Wi-Fi is connected to, thereby contributing to Wi-Fi security.
  • To address the annoying issues of unwanted and/or spam calls, Avast Mobile Security is well-equipped with a very efficient call blocking feature to militate against the occurrence of this bothersome situation when necessary.
  • Avast Mobile Security has a very reliable Anti-Theft feature that helps in no little measure in locating lost devices through its geolocation technology. In addition, these misplaced devices can also be remotely locked and/or wiped whenever necessary.
  • The Privacy Advisor and App Locking features of Avast Mobile Security are very beneficial concepts that help to contribute to sustainable guaranteeing of privacy and/or securing of confidential information.


Avast Mobile Security Pros

  • Impressive malicious software detection abilities as well as subsequent removal and/or blocking of access to potentially threatening content through its safe browsing feature.
  • Avast Mobile Security is well known to have only minimally impacting effects on battery life. It is also considerably very light on system resources.
  • Avast Mobile Security is remarkably easy to install and subsequently uninstall if and when necessary.
  • This mobile security app’s unique ability to effectively scan the device even when the device is still booting is a major advantage through its boot-time scan feature.
  • With the Avast SecureLine of Avast Mobile Security, privacy while using any network is significantly ensured.

 Avast Mobile Security Cons

  • Avast Mobile Security as a mobile security app of repute lacks some essential features like the parental control component which pales its significance in comparison to other similar competitive programs.
  • Tis mobile security app is reckoned to have a confusing user interface that is enigmatic to comprehend as well as having issues with its lockscreen mode.
  • It is also known to be a quite unstable mobile security app with inconsistent evaluation outcomes.
  • Poor process protection capabilities as well as insufficient backup options to ensure that personal data is well safeguarded.

 Avast Mobile Security System Specifications

  • Android 4.0.3 or later versions
  • 25 MB free storage space (recommended)

 How To Install Avast Mobile Security

  • Launch Google Play Store
  • Search for Avast Mobile Security
  • Select Avast Mobile Security and tap Install
  • Tap Accept to agree to the necessary permissions in order to begin download
  • After downloading is complete, tap Open
  • Read the End User license Agreement and Privacy Policy and tap Get Started to continue
  • Follow the Avast Set up on-screen instructions to complete installation

How To Uninstall Avast Mobile Security

  • Before you start uninstalling Avast Mobile Security, deactivate the Device Administrator’s permission from the device settings
  • After deactivation, go to Settings and tap on Apps
  • Select Avast Mobile Security from the list of apps on the device
  • Tap Uninstall
  • Tap OK to confirm the uninstallation of the app from the device